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Dereck's Rail Pics

Landscape Portfolio

Little Manitou Falls, Black River, northern Wisconsin

"Creativity [is] a result of limitations placed on the artist. We see a particular shot in our mind's eye, then struggle to create that shot with the tools at our disposal...frustration is a key element of the creative process, the engine that drives us to find new angles..." -Paul D. Schneider,

Church in southern Minnesota

Nashua fireworks

"I see no reason just to blindly accept my fate without at least questioning why." -Martin Burwash

Munising Falls, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, UP of Michigan

Lake Michigan, Door County Wisconsin

Waverly, Iowa

"No one will be impressed by the photo you didn't make." -Brian Solomon

Superior Hiking Trail, Tettegouche State Park, northern Minnesota

"'Mood' is just another word for 'emotion,' which is often the driving force...But do we, as artists, allow our emotions to drive us, or do we harness them and channel that energy into the creative process?" -Paul D. Schneider

Mississippi River, Buffalo, Iowa

"Can I make art under those conditions?" -BobE

Bond Falls, UP of Michigan

All photos copywrite Dereck Reiter