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Dereck's Rail Pics

He said WHAT?

"If you use profanity all the time as a general intesifier,
     you will have no words left to use when you hit
     your thumb with the hammer." -George Drury
"If your gonna get mad at me every time I do a stupid
     thing, then I guess I'll just have to stop doing stupid
     things!" -Homer Simpson
"I'm not asking you to like me, I'm not asking you to put
     yourself in a position where I could touch your
     goodies, I'm just asking you to be fair." -Homer
"I sincerely hope that anything I write gets someone
     either curious enough, or mad enough, to do his or
     her own research; either to add to what I wrote or to
     prove me wrong." -Don Strack
"Grab a camera and share some emotions." -Jack
"A breakup that happens due to circumstances beyond
     our control probably has more happy memories than
     a relationship that dissolves after years of
     acrimony." -Mike Tisdale
"...and then sticking my genitals in a food processor,
     just to take my mind off of the pain of having to look
     at this..."  -Ted Benson
"There's a lot of vintage action to be had on the day
     before the vintage action is to be had." -Brian 
"To what lengths are we prepared to go in pursuit of a
     noble goal? When does our attachment to that goal
     become a burden? Do ends justify means? At what
     point does the pursuit become a test of wills with
     fate? At what point is the pursuit more about us
     than it is about the goal?" -Peter Hansen
"If you don't like that answer, you have two choices:
     shoot all the Wall Street analysts or move to
     another country." -Dave Saums
"I see no reason just to blindly accept my fate without
     at least questioning why." -Martin Burwash
"If trains, planes, barges, ships, mines, or factories
     aren't involved, then other family members have to
     remember to bring the cameras." -Ron B.
"I shot over 200 photogaphs today, and spent no time
     worrying about the inadequacy of my equipment.
     What did you do today?" -John Ryan
"Serious photograhers always have a deep relationship
     with their subjects. Without such a relationship, you
     are just a snap-shooter." -Grumpy
"'Mood' is just another word for 'emotion,' which is often
     the driving force...But do we, as artists, allow our
     emotions to drive us, or do we harness them and
     channel that energy into the creative process?" -Paul
     D. Schneider
"Can I make art under those conditions?" -BobE
"...portraiture is about knowing your subject well enough
     that you are able to capture th space between who 
     they are and who they think they are." -Steve
"When your subject is able to recognize themselves,
     beyond mere appearance, you have succeeded.
     Anything else is just a likeness." -Steve Anchell
"Creativity [is] a result of limitations placed on the
     artist. We see a particular shot in our mind's eye,
     then struggle to create that shot with the tools at
     our disposal...frustration is a key element of the
     creative process, the engine that drives us to find
     new angles, play with a fast or slow shutter speed,
     etc." -Paul D. Schneider, who, along with Mike
     Schafer, is the one that made me pick up a camera
     and shoot
"Sometimes your not the most important part of the
     picture." -Joe Brugger, speaking to photographers
"Did you just say 'crumpalumpalasorus'?" -Blake
"Shut it wench! When I doth care for your opinion, I'll
     askith a rock." -Me in math class
"Diplomacy is just two people talking nicely until the
     one with the bigger stick swings first." -Me in PE
"We didn't fight because we thought we'd win, we 
     fought because we knew we were gonna die
     anyway."  -A Jew who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto in
"Lois, go get the medical dictionary and look up fork and
     lung. Time's a factor." -Peter "Family Guy"
"If at first you don't suceed: coup de taut." -Me, during
     French class
"Mr. Weed, I can't come in today because there was a 
     horrible plane crash. All of my family is dead, and I
     am a vegitable. I'll be in tomorrow." -Peter Griffin,
     Family Guy
"HOLY HOMOSEXUAL! I mean, ah, hi Cody." -Lance, a
"If you're gonna talk to yourself, do it a lot quieter
     cause you're confusing me." -Bob Rock
"Just go 'boo da lee doot doot' a lot." -James Hetfield
"Shhh, don't tell the record company." -James Hetfield
"An interview with Lars? I wouldn't pay $9.99 for it
     either." -James Hetfield
"I have deja vu every once in a while. I have deja vu
     every once in a while." -James Hetfield
"It's really sharp in here today." -James Hetfield
"I'm not being nice to you, you just haven't said
     anything stupid yet." -Me, to my little brother
"Perhaps most importantly, I think handling defeat
     builds character. We are bouyed by our successes,
     but it's often our failures and our ability to overcome
     them that represents real growth." -Joe Greenstien
"Do you know where we're going, or are we all just
     following the blonde cheerleader? Whoa, now there's
     a bad idea." -Me in PE
"No one will be impressed by the photo you didn't
     make." -Brian Solomon
"[A] good photographer should be able to overcome any
     handicap, [but] anyone with a camera in hand can
     get lucky from time to time..." -Brian Solomon
"Drew, I have a taser. I'll light you up like a Christmas
     tree." -Morgan Freeman The Drew Carey Show
"Oh god, you're not coming out of the closet are you?
     Why does everyone come out to me?" -Stewie,
     Family Guy
"My dearly beloved seems to think that there should be
     limits on the amount of money I give to Canon."
     - MOF Sydney
"Don't snap my undies." -Chief Wiggum, The Simpsons
"I got Angie's phone number, I hope she's still pretty 
     tomorrow!" -Hyde, That 70's Show
"...don't kiss an angery badger." -Grumpy
"I grovel at your learned feet, Mr. Images." -Paul D.
"The chair recognizes the little chick with the hopeful
     gleam in her eyes." -Mayor Quimby The Simpsons
"None of this would've happened if you had been here to
     keep me from acting stupid." -Homer Simpson
"I may get old, bald, and wrinkly, but I bet I'll still be
     able to swear like a fourth grader until the day I
     die." -Grumpy
"I mute the audio on the tv, which brings up the closed
     captioning, then I crank up the BNSF yard channel in
     the other room, to keep me informed of the news
     that really matters." -Grumpy
"I am the great Cornholiark, I need tornado for my trailer
     park." -Grumpy
     whole rant from Grumpy is one big quote)

"Mmmmmm, preprocessed fish sticks." -Homer Simpson